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Customer Reviews for Cirque Du Soleil - Ovo

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Amazing gal from Nanaimo bc
23rd July 2022

Its def funny def loved the blue fly and crickets cuz 1 the crickets were graceful 2 loved how the ladybug and the blue fly were a couple...awww ❤

For Kids

Lydia Vann from Fort Worth, Texas
23rd September 2022

Unfortunately, while my boyfriend and i were super excited to see this, it felt like going to see a theater production hosted for children. Very lacking in “wow” factor, a little boring, silly dialogue that continued for much longer than the actual performances… overall just a major let down. If you don’t have children, i recommend skipping this production and waiting for the next one.

Acrobats and performance decent - stage design and music seriously lacking.

Madzilla from Los Angeles, California
3rd April 2022

I have been going to cirque for decades and it was so sad to see how poor and lacking the stage design, costume design and music was for this performance. No live orchestra as there usually is in the past. Really did the talent such disrespect. Skimping on these things really brought down what amazing performance these acrobatics and performers had to give. It looked cheap, dull and small. I used to get chills with the spectacle of how carefully everything was brought together from the sound to the costumes to the stage design every last perfect detail thought out perfectly and brought together so they could hold their Crown Jewels the performers their amazing talent in the best possible way. Such a disappointment lackluster and sad what’s it’s become. Sad for these amazing talented people and a jip to the fans.

Was this a knock off show or the understudy crew.

The truth teller from Greenville, South Carolina
22nd December 2021

Well, after making excuses for the performers all night I've decided to just be honest. First, Why shouldnt I expect the same level of performance I've seen in Vegas, well better yet I saw a show in Spartanburg SC years back and it was great. But this show started slow, very slow, since the entire show was slow. The music selection for this show, "Cirque De Soleil Holidaze" was notably not good. Most of the acts chosen were none engaging and pretty boring. I kept waiting for the good part until the curtain closed. It wasn't just me, cause when some of the performers finished their acts....crickets....then they would throw their hands up twice to make sure the crowd knew they were done to signal applause. The girl with the balls and the guy balancing on the cylinders were my favorites. They didnt make mistakes, and had me cringing, but with excitement. Everything else was blah...Dont think you can come to Greenville with a sub par show and get 5 stars based on legacy. We expect better!

Viewing the Show

Ms. King from San Diego, California
9th March 2020

We paid $150 for our seats including tax but we were to one side. The entire show is geared towards the middle of the Viejas arena, including a background image that is projected on the back wall. If you don't have middle seats beware. The performers were incredible the "story" was crass and stupid.


EAndrews from North Charleston, South Carolina
5th December 2021

I’ve seen many cirque de solely shows and I couldn’t believe this sad show. The stunts were few. The singers were bad. There were at least 6 mess ups. I felt like I was at a high school show. Two years ago we saw ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ in Chicago, which was great, and this was nothing like it. Last time I see a cirque show without some serious due diligence. What a rip off!